Not All Authors Need to Know How to Fish

Not All Authors Need to Know How to Fish

Not All Authors Need to Know How to Fish

 “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Great in theory but not always true. Especially when it comes to promoting a book. In many cases, you do an author a disservice by attempting to teach them how do all of their own book marketing when in reality they would be better off outsourcing the bulk of their marketing.

Not Everyone Needs to Fish

This realization became very apparent with a client I recently began working with. Her book is just about done getting published. Now comes the fun part of promoting the book.

The reality is, there are some key aspects of getting the word out about her book that she is better off letting someone else do. Some of it has to do with technical issues while other aspects have to do with social media visibility and yet other parts are to do with getting interviews.

My client had heard from some authors of the importance of learning how to do all of this herself. In reality, these are authors who are on a very limited budget and were convinced that all authors need to know how to do things for themselves.

Although it’s a great idea to know what to do, it’s not always a great idea to know how to do it… yourself. This is where hiring a team comes in.

In many cases, it’s more cost effective to hire a team. And now, more than ever, there are all sort of solutions available at various price points.

Evaluate ROI

Considering the time it takes to learn aspects of marketing a book, if you have a budget, it’s may be a much wiser choice to pay for the end result.

Years ago, I worked with a dentist who neither had the time or the desire to do his own book marketing. It just wasn’t a good use of his time and he knew it.

Running a very successful dental practice, the best use of his time was to work with his patients.

If he had spent time trying to figure out the marketing, he would have been doing his primary business a disservice. He definitely had the financial means to outsource the job, and was wise enough to do so. Thus the reason he was so successful.

Promotions are one of the areas countless authors get stuck and yet, it’s one of the most important things that need to get done.

It’s All About Visibility

The whole idea behind promotions is for you and your book to become visible.

There are several ways to gain visibility. interviews, articles, public appearances and joint venture partnerships to name a few ways.

The challenge resides not in knowing what to do, it’s knowing how to get the outcome you seek.

Making the right decision can add significantly to your bottom line in terms of cost savings and increased efficiency. One of the most important questions to answers is this; how strategically important is the task to your book marketing success?

The next question is this; are you the most qualified to do the task or would you be better off paying to have the task completed?

According to a post on Million Pens, “More and more self-published authors are deciding to outsource their marketing efforts to agencies and individuals with an appropriate set of skills in order to get the best out of the promotional side of things so that they can focus on other parts of their life as a writer – including writing the next novel and keeping their blog and social media accounts actively updated.”

The Job Has to Be Done, But Are You the Right One for the Job?

The bottom line is this; is trying to do the marketing yourself preventing you from selling books? If it is, the time has arrived for you to invest in the right resources to gain as much visibility for you and your book as possible.

Again, knowing when to buy the darn fish and knowing when to learn to fish yourself can be the difference between a hugely successful book launch compared to one that goes nowhere.

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  1. There are some good points here about what you have to and need to do, to get something published.

    • Thanks Nick. Appreciate the feedback.

    • All about ROI – Return on Investment.

  2. Thanks so much for the information. I have my first book coming out shortly (it is in the layout stage at the publisher), so this is timely information.

    • How exciting that your first book is coming out. And I’m thrilled my information is so helpful to you.

  3. Good advice. I know that I can’t do everything. I have a book that I am trying to write. I think that I will focus on writing, and then, I can get help for the parts that I am not really capable of doing (promotion, etc.)

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