The Easiest Route to Kindle Book Success

The Easiest Route to Kindle Book Success

The Easiest Route to Kindle Book Success


The Big Dream

Lots of experts dream of becoming published authors, but most will never realize their dream. And it’s for one simple reason; they don’t understand how very simple it is to go through the process.

Yes, I said it. Simple.

Here’s the process:

1. Decide on a concept, topic or story-line
2. Schedule time to write
3. Write on a consistent basis
4. Publish
5. Market – well, actually, you don’t have to market but if you don’t you likely won’t sell any books.

#1 Challenge

The number one challenge many experts have is how to stand out from the competition. With countless so called “experts” in virtually any industry, writing and publishing a book is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from others.

Years ago, the options for authors was very limited compared to what it is today. In the past the costs were prohibitive as was the process for getting a book published.

Today, with options like Kindle, the barriers to entry are minimal. Yet, even with all the easy points of entry, there are plenty of people who continue to think about writing a book but never get around to it.

Incredibly High Profit Margins

The beauty of Kindle is the potential for a very high profit margin. Once your book is uploaded, price determined, and a focus on driving traffic to your Kindle listing, you can enjoy monthly revenues for quite a while to come.

There is always the option of using your Kindle books as lead generators. Within the contents of your book, you can add in offers for free resources. In my book, Power Up Your Sales, I have several places in the book that I offer a resource consistent with the topic of the book that will likely be of interest to readers.

The main thing is to plan out your process. Start with the end in mind. What is the result you’re looking for?

Advantages to Kindle Books

There are ample advantages to writing Kindle books. Everything from ease to market, profit margins, minimal costs once the book is created and uploaded and money automatically deposited in your bank account.

The main advantages of Kindle books are:

Ease of which you can publish. The process is incredibly automated.

You set the pricing. The greatest advantage of this is that your percentage on commission is based on your price point.

Once things are set up, there are no additional costs. If you sell one book, your cost is the exact same as selling 100 books. This is very different than physical books.

Various ways readers can enjoy your Kindle books. Early on, you needed a Kindle reader to enjoy Kindle books. Now, virtually any device can be used. There are ample apps you can download in order to access Kindle books.

The First Place to Start

Obviously, the first place to start is writing your book. Yet, this is where 90% of would be authors get stuck.

In answer to this dilemma, my buddy and colleague, Jim Edwards came up with a simple solution.
How to get your own unique, original Kindle books – along with Amazon Listing, Author Bio, Sales Page Copy and more – Created (in Under 3 Hours TOTAL) WITHOUT sitting down to write a single word of it yourself.

This works even if you HATE writing and never want to know anything about publishing a book.

Live Webinar Demo will show you the NEW 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard that creates all the pieces of your Kindle books and marketing materials for you.

In this content rich webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to create the content for your books without writing

Join in for an experience that will get you off the fence of “should I or shouldn’t I” write my book.

Thursday, January 19th at 10 a.m. Pacific

I highly recommend you take full advantage of learning from one of the best, not only in the business, but in the world. Jim Edwards knows his stuff and is a master teacher.


  1. Of course, the costs go up dramatically if you want to offer a conventional tome- which is what my clients seem to prefer….
    But, otherwise, this is a great vehicle!

    • So important to know what our community is most interested in. Great job Roy

    • What is a professional tome?

      • tome
        noun: tome; plural noun: tomes

        a book, especially a large, heavy, scholarly one.
        “a weighty tome”
        synonyms: volume, book, work, opus, publication, title
        “he expects us to read this tome by Monday”

  2. My problem with the Kindle solution is around the taxes! How can non-American citizens get published with this without paying taxes and getting involved in the IRS system? Does Kindle operate independently in other countries as well? thanks!

    • Mary, this is something I recommend you contact Amazon directly on. I do not have the answer nor would I want to attempt giving you the details on this. Again, Amazon is the best option for the answer.

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