Your Kindle Book Can Change the World

Your Kindle Book Can Change the World

Your Kindle Book Can Change the World


State Your Opinion

If you have a strong opinion writing a Kindle Book is a GREAT way to express it.

Do you feel strongly about world events? Frustrated with local politics? At wits end with the educational system? Believe there is more that people can do about their health than they realize? Tired of feeling at the mercy of the healthcare system?

Any one of these areas carry strong opinions, some fact and lots of room for improvement.

Many people want to be part of the solution to so many challenges going on in life today. Yet, they stand by the wayside and do nothing. Nothing but say, “If only I could do something.”

You can. It’s called writing books. Yup! Write books.

My Last Kindle Book

I wrote my last Kindle Book, Power Up Your Sales, to share step by step insights on  how to build your business through presentations. It’s based on lots of solid experience. You can access a copy FREE. Click here.

Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do to get your opinion out to market. You can blog, write articles, start a podcast show, comment on other people’s posts or shoot short videos.

All of these have an impact (when done correctly) yet, books raise the bar beyond a short video, a tweet or Facebook wall post. Again, everything can have an impact, but if you’re looking for long-term strategies, books are it.

In days’ past, it was a lot more difficult to get a book to market than it is today. The costs were prohibitive as was the process of getting published.

Today, with options like Kindle, it’s simply a matter of writing the book, having it edited (yes, it is recommended to have your books edited even if you are a strong writer) and then uploading to Kindle.

Do You Have an Opinion? Write a Kindle Book

Everyone has an opinion. Some have bigger opinions than others.

Some state their opinion as fact and the only truth there is, while others see their opinion as one of many.

A great many books that are written are based on one’s opinion more than hard and fast facts. For example, I’m currently reading Thank and Grow Rich. Sure, there’s fact in the book, but author Pam Grout expresses her opinion based on her experience of how outrageous gratitude literally changes our experience.

I tend to agree with her. Thus, I’m finding the book an easy and fun read, but truth be told, it is opinion.

Before she could get thousands upon thousands of people to read her opinion, she had to get the book done.

Imagine what it will feel like when dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people download your book.

However, it takes more than simply putting your book up on Kindle for it to reach your intended market.

There are steps you need to take to assure you get the greatest result.

Set Your Amazon Page Up for Optimal Results

To get the most out of your Amazon presence, there are three main areas to focus on. They include your author central page, book description and category selection.
Check out more detail here.

Secure Book Reviews

Book reviews sell. The top three ways to get reviews are:

1. Friends and family
2. Colleagues and thought leaders
3. Those who have reviewed books similar to yours

More details on securing reviews are here.

The First Step

Obviously, the first step is to get the book written. And as I have said many, many times, this is the step that stops a great majority of would be authors.

As with anything, you start with the first step… if you know what it is. Not sure where to start? My buddy Jim Edwards is joining me for How to get your own unique, original Kindle books – along with Amazon Listing, Author Bio, Sales Page Copy and more – Created (in Under 3 Hours TOTAL) WITHOUT sitting down to write a single word of it yourself.

This works even if you HATE writing and never want to know anything about publishing a book.

Live Webinar Demo will show you the NEW 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard that creates all the pieces of your Kindle books and marketing materials for you.

In this content rich webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to create the content for your books without writing a word.

Join in for an experience that will get you off the fence of “should I or shouldn’t I” write my book.

Thursday, January 19th at 10 a.m. Pacific

I highly recommend you take full advantage of learning from one of the best, not only in the business, but in the world. Jim Edwards knows his stuff and is a master teacher.

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